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2024-2025 WNCC College Catalog 
2024-2025 WNCC College Catalog

Foreign Language (Spanish), AA

Location(s): Scottsbluff

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AA.1609A (60 credits)

The foreign language program provides a two-year course of study in Spanish to meet the vocational, avocation, and academic needs of the student. Because intermediate levels of Spanish are sometimes not offered every year, students should check with their faculty advisor. The recommended plan of study suggested below is designed to meet the requirements for the Associate of Arts degree awarded by WNCC, as well as to meet the requirements for junior standing at four-year colleges and universities, where students may continue work toward a baccalaureate degree. The foreign language track applies equally to those students whose interest is more avocation and to those whose interest is vocational.

Those interested in avocational foreign language study often desire to broaden themselves through the study of foreign languages and cultures or to experience through such a course of study personal enjoyment and satisfaction. On the other hand, those who realize that the knowledge of foreign language makes them more desirable to a prospective employer are interested in foreign language for vocational purposes. Academic courses in general areas of study are also deemed important to correspond with the philosophy of WNCC. Courses are included which are in addition to the foreign language study.



  • Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should consult their faculty advisor and transfer advisor early in their WNCC career to determine a curriculum to support their transfer goals.
  • The University of Nebraska - Lincoln (B.A., B.S., or B.F.A.) and University of Wyoming (select B.A. programs) require a foreign language for graduation. The student should consult the catalog of these or other four-year colleges and universities of interest to verify these requirements.
  • The following is a sample course of study. Students should work closely with their faculty advisor to develop a personal plan of study consistent with individual goals.

Program Requirements

AA General Education Core: 31 Credits

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  • Written Communication Credits: 6
  • Oral Communication Credits: 3
  • Humanities Credits: 6 (from two different alphas)
  • Math Credits: 3
  • Lab Sciences Credits: 4
  • Personal Development Credits: 3
  • Social Science Credits: 6 (from two different alphas)

Note: Some general education requirements may be satisfied by program requirements. Please consult with an advisor for details.

Electives: 3 Credits

Total AA Requirements: 60 Credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Total Semester Credits: 14

2nd Semester

Total Semester Credits: 14

3rd Semester

Total Semester Credits: 16

4th Semester

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total AA Credits: 60

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