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2024-2025 WNCC College Catalog 
2024-2025 WNCC College Catalog

Psychology, AA

Location(s): Alliance, Scottsbluff, Sidney, Online

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AA.4201 (61 credits)

The Associate of Arts program in psychology will provide students with the core curriculum and the foundational work for an eventual bachelor’s degree in psychology. The course of study offers the student the opportunity to study a wide variety of topics within this multifaceted discipline. This field of study is appropriate for students who would like to become counselors, social workers, case managers, career counselors, rehabilitation specialists, and psychiatric technicians. The understanding of human behavior and communications also make psychology majors good candidates for positions in top-and mid-level management and administration, sales, labor-relations, personnel and training, real estate, business services and insurance, or marketing.

Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge and comprehension of major psychological concepts.
  • Apply scientific reasoning and problem solving incorporating effective research methods.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics as defined by the APA.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of diversity in psychology.
  • Demonstrate competence in writing and interpersonal communication skills in a variety of applications.


  • Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should consult their faculty and transfer advisors early in their WNCC career to determine a curriculum to best suit their transfer goals.
  • If a transferring institution does not require foreign language credits, students may take other social science or elective courses.
  • Students should discuss with their advisor specific course recommendations to fulfill the social science and humanities elective requirements.

Program Requirements

AA General Education Core 31 credits

Associate of Arts Degree (AA)   

  • Written Communication Credits: 6
  • Humanities (from two different alphas) Credits: 6
  • Lab Sciences Credits: 4
  • Math Credits: 3
  • Oral Communication Credits: 3
  • Personal Development Credits: 3
  • Social Sciences (from two different alphas) Credits: 6

Note: Some general education requirements may be satisfied by program requirements. Please consult with an advisor for details.

Total AA Requirements: 60 Credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total Semester Credits: 15

3rd Semester

Total Semester Credits: 16

4th Semester

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total AA Credits: 61

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